Right Diagnosis Right From The Start

A diagnosis determines everything that follows. An accurate radiology diagnosis is crucial to the effectiveness of all downstream medical specialties—from orthopedics to oncology. A delayed, missed, or incomplete radiology diagnosis can distort the entire patient journey.

Our Mission Is Guided By Our Knowledge And Experience

We are a global teleradiology provider offering tailored teleradiology solutions to hospitals & imaging centers. Our radiology team will work collaboratively with your in-house practices to enhance patient care, where no patient has to wait for immediate clinical diagnoses. RADBLOX’s radiology practice experience spans all modalities, and the company’s network of more than 100+ panel of ABR, FRCR, and Indian (MD/DNB/DMRE) board-certified radiologists are well equipped to handle a diverse range of diagnostic imaging services.

We have a right-sized roster of subspecialists which means you won’t have to worry about report quality. Our turnaround times are fast and reliable due to our highly efficient and custom workflows. We employ our knowledge of healthcare, diagnostic imaging and IT to offer our clients a fully integrated solution aiming to advance patient care, increase work coverage and provide expert quality radiology reporting at affordable cost.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Transforming Tomorrow, Together.

RADBLOX is an integrated radiology eco system which combines all the blocks of radiology like Expert Radiologists, Quality Reporting, Sophisticated Technology and more importantly Patient Care for building a better future.

We strive towards achieving intuitive and the smart radiology solutions, as these propel healthcare institutions towards better patient care. We are a global teleradiology provider offering solutions where no patient has to wait for immediate clinical diagnoses.

Faster, smarter diagnosis where it counts the most

We are building a world where clinical care is data driven, Intelligent and Patient focussed.

We focus on working with hospitals, clinics and radiology imaging centers helping them to meet their requirements when there is shortage or unavailability of radiologists, when there is over flow of studies, when night coverage is required, when there is an expert opinion is required from a specialist etc.

At RADBLOX we have radiology practice experience across all modalities to bring you the highest quality services available today. Well equipped to be comparable to international standards, our panel of radiologists are ABR certified, UK Certified (FRCR) and Indian Certified (MD/DNB/DMRD/DMRE). With a wide range of experience, our radiologists are trained in some of the best institutions in the world.

Mr. Anto Ramesh Delvi

Mr. Anto Ramesh Delvi                                Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Meet our Team

Anto Ramesh Delvi  is a highly experienced healthcare operations professional and radiology expert with 30 years of expertise in hospital management and healthcare administration, specializing in radiology and teleradiology. He has made significant contributions towards the development of healthcare medical equipment, radiology medical softwares, PACS Administrator, 3D Post Processing, and AI in Radiology.
Over the past seven years, Mr. Delvi has successfully trained more than 250 national and international radiology imaging officers. He possesses exceptional business acumen, a commitment to strive for excellence, and a passion to continuously learn. With 30 years of experience in hospital management and healthcare administration, Mr. Delvi has provided his specialized services to renowned institutions such as Columbia Asia Hospitals Group and Jindal Charitable Trust. He is highly skilled in the operations and management of hospitals, including setting up of new hospitals with advanced healthcare technology. His work experience spans across locations in India, Indonesia, and Africa, where he has established branches and units while ensuring continuous growth. Additionally, he possesses extensive knowledge in quality audits and accreditations.
As a subject matter expert in radiology, teleradiology, AI-based radiology solutions, telediagnosis, and early detection, Mr. Delvi  is dedicated to delivering services of the highest quality standards, ensuring customer satisfaction. He is a diligent and objective leader, fostering a productive and positive work environment for his colleagues by providing guidance and motivation to help them achieve their goals. His strong problem-solving and communication skills have facilitated networking with individuals at all levels, including C-level executives.
Utilizing his exceptional business acumen, Mr. Delvi has successfully collaborated with and delivered quality software products and services to healthcare start-ups and established companies. From humble beginnings as a daily wage earner, Mr. Delvi has written his own destiny, rising up to the ranks of a general manager at one of India’s largest hospital chains and gaining extensive knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry. Currently, as the founder of RADBLOX Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd, he leads a dedicated team of highly skilled radiologists, delivering exceptional teleradiology services marked by unwavering accuracy and timely reporting.
Mr. Vinay Gopinath

Mr. Vinay Gopinath
Founder, Director – Healthcare Business Development Professional & Radiology Specialist 

Mr. Vinay Gopinath, an accomplished Healthcare Business Development Professional and Radiology specialist, boasts an impressive 15-year track record in Teleradiology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare IT, and concept selling. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from esteemed Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, he exudes unwavering motivation and enthusiasm in all endeavors. Vinay possesses exceptional management acumen, characterized by robust leadership and communication skills. His innate ability to foster effective teamwork makes him a valuable asset, while his strategic brilliance yeilds concrete outcomes. With a proven track record of driving profitable growth and optimizing cash flow, Vinay Gopinath is truly an outstanding professional in his field.
His expertise in teleradiology has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way medical imaging is accessed and interpreted. His deep understanding of the technology and its applications has allowed him to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and radiology specialists, streamlining processes and improving patient care. Vinay’s dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of healthcare demonstrates his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.
 Notably, his success as a healthcare business development professional goes beyond his individual achievements. With an astute understanding of market dynamics and a keen eye for opportunities, he consistently formulates and implements effective strategies that deliver sustainable growth and profitability. Mr. Vinay Gopinath
He possesses a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate teams, nurturing a collaborative and high-performing work environment. Under his guidance, teams have consistently exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional results and driving organizational growth. His relentless pursuit of excellence and his passion for driving positive change make him a true leader in his field, one who is poised to shape the future of healthcare through his expertise and visionary approach.