Emergency Nighthawk

RADBLOX’s Emergency Radiology service specializes in the diagnosis of acutely ill or traumatized patients in the emergency department setting. The goal of our service is to provide accurate and timely emergency imaging interpretations, resulting in quality patient care and superior customer service.

We specialize in emergency radiology, and our board-certified radiologists are highly experienced. We have earned a reputation for being one of the nation’s premier radiology practices. We offer a complete range of remote image interpretation services that can be customized to your organization’s specific requirements. Our service contracts are simple and straightforward, yet flexible enough to meet each organization’s unique needs.

RADBLOX’s Emergency  radiologists provide prompt, expert interpretation of images and can also be reached around-the-clock on weekends and holidays by referring physicians. At RADBLOX, we offer definitive radiologic diagnoses and advanced interpretation of even the most challenging cases. Our nationally recognized team of experienced radiologists helps ensure that your patients receive nothing short of the finest and quality interpretations.

At RADBLOX, Our Stroke & Trauma Protocols ensures that all emergency cases are read concurrently by multiple radiologists who are distributed across the country, making it fast and easy for referring physicians to receive a quick, accurate diagnosis.

  • Weekday coverage
  • Vacation coverage
  • Sub-specialty interpretations
  • Final interpretations

Emergency Radiology World Wide

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