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RADBLOX is an integrated radiology eco system which combines all the blocks of radiology like Expert Radiologists, Quality Reporting, Sophisticated Technology and more importantly Patient Care for building a better future.

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remote radiology reporting

360 degree teleradiology services for best patient care

Clinical Quality

We follow ACR protocols and standards for Quality Assurance on our radiology reports.

Sub Specialised Radiologists

Group of radiologists from across the globe providing you quality service.

Follow the Sun Coverage

Round-the-clock access to our dedicated operations team ensuring connection between clinician and Radiologist can happen in an instant.

In our world every second counts and every detail is critical.

RADBLOX goes beyond its commitment to save lives in acute settings by using pioneering tomorrow’s medical imaging AI.

Our AI enabled technology enables more accurate risk-adjustment, timely intervention, and improved quality of health services, while significantly reducing the associated costs.

Radiology service

Radiology Subspecialty Expertise

Cardiovascular & Thoracic

Body Imaging

Neuro Imaging

Pediatric Imaging


Nuclear Medicine

Breast Imaging


We are committed to bring


around the world

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